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hi guys,
today’s post will be about….things to do whilst it’s raining outside.
now if your like me and always have nothing to do while it’s raining outside here are a few things to keep you occupied.
1. Watch a movie
2. Invite a friend over
3. Play a boardgame 
4. Make a bucketlist
5. Build a den (indoors) out of bedsheets and blankets
6. Have a capture the flag game with pillow forts and stuffed teddies
7. Cook a meal
8. Whip up some hot chocolate for the family
If you have a powercut……..
9. Play hide in seek in the dark (if it’s day time just close the curtains)
10. Light some candles
11. Scavendenge for some torches
Hope these ideas got you prepared for the next downfall of rain :)
ciao bellas💖
welcome to my blog!♡
because I’m new to tumblr, and I thought you would like to get to know me a bit better so for my first post I am going to be doing a 50 facts about me tag… Enjoy! :)
1. I’m quarter Italian
2. I have three hamsters (long story)
3. I’m a brunette
4. I am a chocoholic **pauses and drinks chocolate milk**
5. I love pastel colours
6. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up
7. I’ve never broken a bone before (even though I’m a clutz!)
8. My birthstone is a ruby
9. I have 2 siblings
10. I love the sound of people walking on gravel (i’m craycray)
11. I have naturally curly hair ^as displayed in the photo^
12. I hate fish 
13. I absolutely love roller coaster
14. I can body-pop (even though I’ve never had any lessons)
15. I have hazel eyes
16. I love
17. My favourite boy band is the Beatles
18. My top two favourite songs are: Snap Out of It~Arctic Monkeys and 19. guns~Greenday
20. I hate melted cheese (except from on pizzas)
21. I watch youtube nearly everyday
22. I love the movie The Princess Diaries (I know the script nearly off by heart, lol)
23. I’ve always want to start up a youtube account but I’ve never had the confidence to
24. I have 2 best friends 
25. I lied to my parents that I get sea sick so my mum wouldn’t book a sailing resort for are holiday (i hate sailing)
26. I love hockey
27. I’m quite tall for my age
28. I take the train to school
29. I have my ears pierced
30. We are having LOADSSSSS of building work to my house
31. I have an account with 1k on instagram
32. I really want to die my hair
33. I don’t care if I have a lazy day nearly every day
34. Christmas is my favourite time of the year!
35. I hate getting out of the blue presents from people (e.g nana giving me £5, I never except it)
36. I really annoying, lol
37. I hate people who pick a fight because they’re bored
38. I can’t stand attention seekers :/
39. I’m redecorating my room!
40. I used to have two Guinea pugs (r.i.p rosie & butch)
41. My hands are getting sore from typing
42. I own two public Instagram accounts (@thebestaccountsss & @7.01am )
43. I hate expectations in society
44. I love lion bar
45. I haven’t been in my local library in 3 years (I’m not really a bookworm)
45. I’ve never read divergent, but watched the film
46. I hate spicy foods
47. I have no allergies
48. I have never been to a concert before
49. I have a mental bucketlist
50. I just wrote 49 facts about me (not including this one)
So that was 50 facts about me and now my hands are in agony :(
ciao bella💞